Micro-current Heating Vibration Gua Sha Device Handheld Massager

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Color: White


1. Intelligent Meridian Massager, 6-speed micro-current + 6-speed vibration + red light hot compress + 6-speed magnetic thermal moxibustion, multi-effects in one, let you have a healthy body.

2. Effectively dredge the meridians, burn fat, promote blood circulation throughout the body, relieve physical discomfort, and remove moisture and cold in the body.

3. It can accelerate metabolism, dredge lymph and limbs, promote better absorption of nutrients by the skin, and eliminate excess body fat.

4. It can be used to improve back pain, shoulder and neck pain, body aches, numbness of limbs, physical weakness, joint discomfort and other symptoms.

5. USB charging design supports wireless handheld operation, suitable for multiple parts of the body, such as legs, arms, waist, abdomen, head, shoulders, neck, etc.


Material: ABS

Color: purple

Rated input voltage: 5V (current not more than 1.5A)

Rated input power: 5W

Battery model: Lithium battery 18650

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Charging time: 3.5 hours ± 0.5 hours

Full battery life: ≈50min

Input voltage: DC 5V

Charging current: ≈350mA

Product size: 15.5*9*9cm

Packing size: 20.4*14.4*10.1cm

Packing List:

1* purple charging heating host

1* English manual

1* USB charging cable


1. Press and hold the switch/vibration button for 2 seconds to power on, the default vibration is 1 gear, 0-6 gears cycle once, 1 gear indicator flashes at 0 gear, 1 gear indicator is always on at 1 gear, and 2 gears 2 gear indicator lights are always on, and so on, when 6 gears are on, 6 indicator lights are always on;

2. Short press the acupuncture function key to increase the gears of the electrodes, 0-6 gears are cycled in turn, 1 gear indicator flashes when the 0 gear is on, 1 gear indicator is always on when the 1 gear is on, and 2 gears when the 2 gear is on. The indicator light is always on, and so on, when the 6 gears are in 6 gears, the indicator lights of 6 gears are always on;

3. Short press heating to increase gears in heating mode, 0-6 gears are cycled in turn, 1 gear indicator flashes when 0 gears, 1 gear indicator light is always on when 1 gears, and 2 gears indicate when 2 gears The light is always on, and so on, when the 6 gears are in 6 gears, the 6 gear indicators are always on;

4. When the voltage is low, the gear indicator flashes 5 times, and then automatically shuts down;

5. Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of work;

6. Before using the product for the first time, please fully charge it before using it; when charging, please use the USB charging cable that comes with the instrument to connect to a charging power source such as a mobile phone charger, power bank or computer (voltage 5V, current not greater than 1.5A).

7. The gear indicator flashes when charging, and the gear indicator is always on when fully charged;

8. When the rechargeable battery is not used for a long time, the service life of the rechargeable battery will be shortened. It is recommended to fully charge it at least once a month.

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